CEA International Policy Research Project



Project Description

The Collegiate Energy Association is currently conducting a multi-disciplinary, international policy
research project with participation from students around the world. The
final report will address three main questions:

  1. What innovative practices are universities around the world employing to organize and fund energy R&D and education?
  2. What innovative practices are governments around the world employing to organize and fund energy R&D and education at their universities?
  3. Why should government R&D and innovation policies support university activities?

The final report will then be distributed to policymakers and universities
in participating countries around the world. For instance, within the
United States, the Association of American Universities, the White House
Office of Science and Technology Policy, the US Department of Energy, the US
National Science Foundation, and various Congressional staffers have already
expressed interest in the final report.


Interested in representing the U of A on the world stage?

We are currently looking for people interested in participating in the
research portion of this report.

Contact ac.atreblau|okyoba-lirpA#ac.atreblau|okyoba-lirpA or ac.atreblau|1srr-nayR#ac.atreblau|1srr-nayR

Resources for Project Participants

Literature Review

Sample Case Studies of what is expected:
Solar Revolution Project - MIT
Masdar Institute of Science and Technology

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