Constitution of the University of Alberta Energy Club


We are in a pivotal era when the growing energy requirements of global society far exceed its capacity to generate power without negatively impacting the environment. The ecological and economic consequences of not addressing this trend in the present are not well understood nor appreciated while the growing consensus is that we can no longer afford to ignore the issue without further compounding the problem. As the citizens of developing nations come to expect increased standards of living, it is ever more crucial that solutions are found and implemented which are compatible with both economic and environmental systems.

The province of Alberta, Canada, is a major player in traditional (coal, natural gas, oil) and, through increasing investment, renewable energy supply (wind, solar, thermal, biomass). As a university, it is therefore incumbent upon us to provide strong (idea-based) visionary leadership that reflects the latest understanding of the ecological relationships between society and its environmental context.

We envision a world where society's growing energy needs are adequately met while supporting our natural environment indefinitely into the future.


The terms EC, Energy Club and club shall be acceptable abbreviations for the "University of Alberta Energy Club".


The purpose of the University of Alberta Energy Club is to promote energy consciousness (awareness) in the University community and to explore solutions that meet society's energy requirements. These solutions include new economic, technological and sociological mechanisms that align global energy demand with our generation capability.


Membership with the association is open to all.

However, as a university association, 2/3 of all members must be students of the University of Alberta, 1/2 of all members must be full members of the Student Union, and 3/4 of the Executive must be full or part-time students.

Each membership term shall be for the duration of one year, from September until August.

In the case of conflicts or errors, members and the executive should search for positive solutions and focus on what is best for the future of the club. Disqualification of members should only be used when no other option is possible. However, if members act against the interests of the club, they can be disqualified. To be disqualified, a vote must be held during an Executive meeting. 2/3 of the Executive vote must support the disqualification. The member must be informed 2 weeks before this meeting and has the right to present himself at the meeting, either in person or by letter. If disqualified, the member cannot rejoin the club until one year after the disqualification or the disqualification is overturned by the support of 2/3 of the executive.

Honorary Membership - all alumni of the Energy Club program at the University of Alberta are honorary life members. In addition, any person who, in the opinion of the Energy Club executive committee, has provided exceptional service, for at least one year, to the Energy Club may be appointed an honorary member of the Energy Club by either of the Co-Presidents of the Energy Club with the concurrence (2/3) of the Energy Club executive committee. Honorary members may not run for club offices nor vote at general meetings and elections of the Energy Club.


There is no membership fee.


The Executive is comprised of:

  1. Co-President (Undergraduate)
  2. Co-President (Graduate)
    • The Co-Presidents are responsible for the overall direction and management of the Club and for promoting the Club among undergraduate students and graduate students respectively. Their primary role is to provide guidance and cohesion for the Club as well as furthering the vision and mission of the Club through their activities and leadership. They are to perform and be regarded as complete equals regardless of experience. The Co-Presidents are also responsible for sending out Energy Club communications to members, advisors, potential sources of funding and the public except when delegated to another Executive or member.
  3. VP Finance (Treasurer)
    • Responsible for all monies received and disbursed by the University of Alberta Energy Club, and shall account for them according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. As well, he/she must ensure all monies be reported in monthly financial reports at the beginning of each month. He/She is also responsible for ensuring that an annual audit is completed, all accounts receivable are collected, an annual budget be completed and that all bylaws pertaining to finances are upheld. It is also the job of the VP Finance to help secure funding for the financial commitments of the group.
  4. VP Events
    • Responsible for coordinating and promoting Energy Club events throughout the year including but not limited to movie and speaker nights as well as meetings.
  5. VP Alumni and Relations
    • Responsible for fostering strong relationships between the Energy Club members and alumni of both the club and the University of Alberta. This VP also researches and suggests new individuals or organizations for the Energy Club to partner with.
  6. VP Communications and Website
    • Responsible for the annual update, for drafting and/or editing Energy Club communications such as emails to members and advisors, and for ensuring impartiality, factuality and objectivity in all communications. They are also responsible for the content of the Website.
  7. VP Industry and Careers
    • Responsible for developing and maintaining an outreach strategy to involve industry in energy club events, and to promote industry events to members. The VP Industry and Careers would also develop a sponsorship strategy with involved companies. Through the developed relationships with industry, members would have the ability to network for possible job opportunities.
  8. VP Youth Engagement
    • Responsible for the promotion of Club issues among youth off campus. Mandate includes fostering relationships with students, schools and youth organizations via outreach activities, media and inclusion with on campus programming.

In the event that the number of Executives is an even number and there is a tie in a vote on an issue, three Energy Club non-executive members will be selected at random to vote and decide on the issue.

Each position has a duration of 1 year, from May 1 - April 30.

All members are eligible to run for Executive positions, within the guidelines set by the Students Union.

The elections will be organized and run by the current executive. In the case that an executive member is again applying for a position, he/she will not take any part in the organization process.

Elections will be held within the first two weeks of March. The election date will be set an announced at least one month prior by the current Executive.

A voting period of 24 hours will occur. Members will vote by email. The successful candidates will be announced within 24 hours of the closing of the polls.

In the case of negligent or poor conduct, an executive member can be impeached. A vote must be held during an Executive meeting. 2/3 of the Executive vote must support the impeaching of the Executive member. The Executive members must be informed 2 weeks before the meeting and executive in question has the right to present himself at the meeting, either in person or by letter. If impeached, the impeached executive will remain as a member of the club, unless the executive also chooses to disqualify the member.


Three faculty advisor positions are reserved within the University of Alberta.

Four industry advisor positions are reserved for non-faculty leaders. It is expected that these represent a broad spectrum of individuals representing profit to non-profit organizations with interests in both renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.

These advisors do not vote though enjoy the privilege of making suggestions and advising to the Executive.


Committees may be initiated by either of the Co-Presidents on an ad hoc basis to help fulfill the objectives of the Club. Committees are required to provide a monthly update to the Executive.


One annual general meeting will be held each year, within the first two weeks of April, on a date to be set by the Executive. All members will be notified two weeks prior to the meeting by email.

Regular Executive meetings will be held on a monthly basis, between September-April. All members have the right to attend such meetings. All meetings must be announced to the membership one week before their occurrence.

One special meeting will be held within three weeks prior to election. Each member will have the right to present themselves to the association membership for a duration of no less than 5 minutes. The current Executive holds the right to organize this meeting as to best suit the membership.


Amendments can be made to the constitution to better meet the needs of the membership. All changes must be presented to the membership two weeks prior to an Executive meeting. For a change in the constitution to occur, 2/3 of the membership must vote to in favor of the changes in a referendum (held as an election), or 2/3 of Executive members for which positions are filled.


An Energy Club Alumni is a prior member of the Club who has completed the studies that they were pursuing while a Club member or who has left the University of Alberta after being a Club member.

To ensure the strong continuity of the Club as well as industry and academic career connections for the members, every effort is to be made to remain in strong contact with and involve Energy Club Alumni as advisors to the Club.


For those requesting it, an annual update will be provided to alumni and any Club advisors such as faculty members or industry leaders detailing:

  • Changes in Executive
  • Changes to the Constitution
  • Changes in membership numbers
  • Accomplishments of the Club in the previous year
  • Goals for the upcoming year
  • Financial data
  • New job titles or positions including promotions of members, alumni and advisors (if they choose to disclose that information)


When explicitly speaking or writing as members of the Club, Executives and members are obliged to state that "The views expressed may not reflect those of the University of Alberta Energy Club" unless the content is pre-authorized by (2/3) of the Executive.

This constitution has been adapted in part from the University of Alberta Business Exchange Association and the University of Alberta Computer Engineering Club.

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