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Energy Reports

GeoNow: A Novel Approach to Geothermal Energy in Alberta

Authors: Kendra Leavitt, Ryan Saunders, Jason Boddez, Shawn Grant, and Karen Robinson
Submitted for: Alberta Research Council Ingenuity Challenge
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GHG Mitigations Potential in China's Power Sector: A 20 Year Forecast [April 2009]

Authors: Kody J. Warriner & Jason Luk
University of Alberta Department of Mechanical Engineering
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EPCOR sale renews the Conservative energy debate

Author: Jason Luk
Published in The Gateway June 03, 2009
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The pitfalls of power to the people

Author: Kody J. Warriner
Published in The Gateway August 05, 2009
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Energy infrastructure burnt out

Author: Jason Luk
Published in The Gateway August 27, 2009
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