General Meeting

Feb. 2, 2010


Event Information

When Tuesday, February 2, 2010 @ 5:15pm
Note: Date change due to Rescheduling for E-Sage talk due to illness
Where University of Alberta, ETLC 2-009 (Colt Design Lab)


We will be talking about some of the Energy Clubs current initiatives, upcoming events and elections. If you'd be like to voice your input into the direction of the club or are looking to get more involved, or just want to hear whats coming up you are more than welcome to attend!

Tentative Agenda (Please add items you'd like to talk about)

  1. Event Feedback
    1. Solar Survey Results
    2. Thoughts on surveys?
  2. Elections for next year
    1. begin advertising
    2. keep an eye out for interested folks
  3. Funding Update (Steve)
    1. SU Grant Update :(
    2. SEE Update
    3. Other sources of funding to investigate
      1. Potential Fundraisers?
  4. Communications Update (Erich)
    1. Feedback
    2. Next Newsletter
  5. Undergraduate Research Symposium (Jason)
    1. What its all about
    2. Awards - status (do you need help?)
    3. Interest from students(Potential classes to advertise to)
  6. EC-CSC-CAPS Career Forum Update (Mitchel + Ryan)
  7. Website update (Ken/April)
    1. high traffic after events (jan 19 - 262 visits, jan 20- 330)
      1. How can we maintain these numbers?
    2. People's thoughts on ease of use?
  8. Collegiate Energy Association - Policy Project
    1. Looking to form a team interesting in working on this project
    2. Canada Represented by us and 2 teams from Calgary
    3. Timeline
            • Research completed: April 1
            • First complete draft report written: May 1
          • Edits, reviews, & content finalized: June 1
          • Document design finished: July 1
  9. Greening the Ave Update (Micheal)
  10. I Week Event this Friday!
    1. Need volunteers (please sign up here or on wiki)
  11. Advertising Overview
    1. Postering throughout campus
    2. Marta - Alumni Outreach
    3. Listsrvs/Group Share folder
    4. Terra Informa - Myles Curry - Public Service Annoucements
    5. Gateway/Profile
      1. Feb 12th - Profile - Ad Date March 1
      2. Feb 12th - Gateway - Ad Date Feb 23
  12. Oilsands Tour overview (Ryan)


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