Speaker Series: Hal Friesen on Laser Fusion: Star Power for Sustainable Energy

Feb. 23, 2010


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When Tuesday, Februray 23 2010 @ 5:15pm
Where University of Alberta, ETLC 2-009 (Colt Design Lab)
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Fusion is the power of our Sun; a combination of extreme temperatures and pressures releasing tremendous amounts of energy to sustain life on Earth – all without production of greenhouse gas or long-term radioactive waste.

Around the world large-scale projects are underway to recreate this energy source on Earth using lasers to drive the reaction. The realization is closer than ever through advances in plasma physics, laser technology and computer simulations.

Hal Friesen will describe the basic processes and requirements of fusion, focusing on laser fusion, recent advances, and a proposal that could make Canada a leader in this advanced energy technology.

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