Candidate Speeches and General Meeting

Mar, 23. 2010


Event Information

When Tuesday, March 23, 2009 @ 5:15pm
Where University of Alberta, ETLC 2-009 (Colt Design Lab)
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Each Energyclub Executive Candidate will be given some time to outline their background as well as why they think they are a good candidate for the postion.

A General Meeting will follow:

Agenda (Please add Items)

  1. Announcements
    1. UofA Green Scene Contest Submission
    2. "How we Green" City of Edmonton Video (Freja)
    3. EngEx Academic Partner - July 29th
    4. Alberta Research Council Ingenuity Challenge Judging
    5. Earth Hour - March 28th 8:30-9:30pm
    6. ABCTech Forum on Artificial Intellegence - June 3rd
    7. Spin24 Charity Fundraiser
    8. Trade and Investment in Energy & Environment Conference - Registration due March 26 (April)
  2. Campaign Speeches (1-5 minutes) - See order below
    1. What discipline are you studying? What year are you in?
    2. What are your interests in Energy?
    3. Have you had any previous affiliations with the Energy Club or other groups?
    4. What are your personal goals for your year as part of the energy club?
    5. How do you hope to contribute to the energy club in the upcoming year?
    6. Any other relevant information?
  3. Campaign action items moving forward
    1. Text write-up of speech for distribution to mailing list when voting commences
    2. Incoming/Outgoing transition
      1. Responsibilities, Challenges and Successes, Ideas for the future, Contacts, Files
      2. Schedule a coffee break together
    3. Email to mailing list opening voting (include above in text).
    4. Vote! - March 24th to 27th
  4. Creating Brainstorming Open Space
    1. What goals for the year should th energy club have?
    2. What energy topics would you like to see covered?
    3. What events would you like the energy club to facilitate?
    4. What relationships would you like to see the energy club build?
    5. How do you think the energy club could improve itself?
  5. Wind Panel Planning
    1. Sponsorship
    2. Volunteers
    3. Feedback Corner
    4. Speaker Gifts
    5. Schedule for next year
  6. Aprig Button

Order for Campaign Speeches (In no particular order)
VP Industry and Careers - Chris Lerohl
VP Innovation Management - Rob Bauer
VP Alumni - Marta Korz
VP Information - Bilal Hussain
Co-President (grad) - Ryan Saunders
VP Finance - Steve Edge
VP Events - Sabrina Westra
VP Youth Engagement - Meimanat and Sadegh Kazemi
VP Liaison - Koel Reed
Co-President (undergrad) - Erich Anderson
VP Communications - Kausal Gopalkrishnan


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