Energy Sources and Opportunities

September 21, 2010

Event Information

When Tuesday, September 21st, 2010
5:30-6:00 - Reception / Snacks
6:00-7:30 - Presentations / Q&A
7:30-8:00 - Networking and Wrap-up
Where University of Alberta, ETLC Solarium
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How does our society generate its energy? Where does this energy originate? What sources are currently economically feasible and where? What provinces and countries are implementing progressive strategies to implement cleaner and abundant energy sources?

Distinguished Panelists for the Evening

Paul%20Gipe.jpg Paul Gipe

Mr. Paul Gipe is an author, advocate, and renewable energy industry analyst. He helped launch a campaign to bring progressive policies to North America, influencing Ontario’s Green Energy Act. Paul will discuss the opportunities for renewable energy and what provinces and countries are leading the way.

Dr%20Flynn.jpg Dr. Peter Flynn

Dr. Peter Flynn held the Poole Chair for Management Engineering for ten years. His research focused on greenhouse gas mitigation including technical and economic analyses of biomass energy processes. Dr. Flynn will discuss the various sources of energy that are available to our planet, and how these systems create dynamic cascades of energy from one type to another.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are lots of ways to get involved!
If you are looking to help out with this event, a list of Volunteer Opportunities can be found here. Any time you can spare is appreciated!

Contact Erich, moc.liamg|nesrednahcire#moc.liamg|nesrednahcire, if you have any questions


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