Koel Reed

Co-President (Graduate)

koel.jpg Koel is in the first year of his MSc degree, studying biofuel production. His study involves two naturally occurring starch polymers in starch and how their presence impacts bioethanol yield via fermentation. Koel is also very interested in all renewable energy sources and any viable technology that improves energy efficiency. As one of the few non-engineers in the group Koel believes he brings a different outlook on the energy industry. His friendly personality makes him ideal for the VP Liaison position. However, there is a lot he can gain by challenging himself to learn more about the industry as a whole and how he can use his talents to make a difference.

Siddarth Pathak

Co-President (Undergraduate)

Siddharth.jpg Siddharth is in his 2nd Year of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta. He has been a recipient of several merit-based scholarships and leadership awards and has been actively involved in variety of organizations and activities. Last year, Siddharth served as Collegiate Energy Association liaison at the Energy Club and Blogger for the Faculty of Engineering. He has also been the Founder President of his high school’s Physics Club, a member of the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Youth (MACOY) in Fort McMurray and still serves as alumni. With his deep passion for the Environment and concern for the energy crisis, Siddharth wishes to contribute significantly towards these issues in the light of their social and technological aspects. He believes that an internationally harmonized approach among youth is required for today’s global issue of sustainable environmental management.

Elenor Siebring

VP Finance

Elenor.jpg Elenor is in the second year of an MBA/MEng joint degree, specializing in Mining Engineering. Coming back to school after working for more than 6 years as a consulting engineer in the mining sector, Elenor is hoping to broaden her technical background in the resource industry to a higher level understanding of the issues surrounding energy, both in Northern Alberta and globally. As an extension of her interest in managing complex projects, Elenor is specifically interested in the complexity of energy issues and innovations, that is, the political, economic, social and technical tangles that seemingly accompany every energy issue. Through her first year of MBA studies, Elenor was surprised to learn she enjoyed accounting and finance and is excited to bring this enjoyment to the Energy Club in the role of VP of Finance.

Elis Valera

VP Communications

Elis.jpg Elis Valera is an electrical engineer from Venezuela, specialized in Project and Environmental Management. For the last two years he helped implementing the ISO14001-2004 Environmental Management System in Smurfit Kappa, a Pulp and Paper Industry. He came to Alberta 8 months to get his Masters in Business and Administration, specializing in Natural Resources, Energy and Environment. Elis is interested in renewable energies and sustainability and strongly believes in the optimization of energy consumption as a key factor to diminish environmental impact. His hobbies are reading, hiking, astronomy and acting, among others.

Jerry Joseph

VP Industry and Careers

Jerry.jpg Jerry is an MSc student in Mechanical engineering at UofA. After his under graduation in India, he has worked in IT and Automobile sectors in India and Europe. He is highly passionate about aviation, aircrafts and anything related to flying. With his stint in Energy Club as VP Industry and Careers, he is excited about partnering with all young (and young at heart) enthusiasts to share knowledge about fossil fuel alternatives and green energy options (Airbus and Boeing bio fuel flight tests and not just aircrafts but many more) and awareness related to efficient energy use. He looks forward to have fun and a great time in the Club.

User Shantanu Shukla

VP Marketing

Shantanu.jpg Shantanu is a PhD student in the Energy Systems Design Lab, MecE at the UofA. He obtained his Bachelor of Technology (ChemE) from Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, India in 2007. He worked at the National Chemical Laboratory for 6 months in the process development division for hydrogen production. He obtained his M.S. (Chemical Engineering) in 2009 from Carnegie Mellon University. Before coming to the UofA, he worked at NASA Ames research center as a research intern in the areas of CNTs, photocatalysts and characterization of biocompatible substrates. His current work focuses on catalyst layer fabrication and testing of PEM fuel cells. His interests include experimental energy systems and nanoscience.

Luis De La Torre

VP Events

Luigi.jpg Luis is currently pursuing his MBA at the University of Alberta with a specialization Natural Resources, Energy & Environment. He received his B.Sc. degree in Systems Engineering from the Universidad Metropolitana, with a certificate in Management Consulting. His experiences include working for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Senior Associate in the consulting line service. Luis’ interests are focused on the energy sector, specifically in the marketing area and the renewable energies, sustainable development, and the environmental impact of the energy sector.

Past Executives


Co-President (Graduate): Ryan Saunders
Co-President (Undergraduate): Erich Andersen
VP Alumni: Marta Korz
VP Events: Sabrina Westra
VP Finance: Steve Edge
VP Communications: Kausal Gopalkrishnan
VP Industry and Careers: Chris Lerohl
VP Liaison: Koel Reed
VP Innovation Management Candidate: Rob Bauer
VP Information Technology: Bhalehandra Pujari
VP Information Technology: Sam Li


Co-President (Graduate):Ryan Saunders
Co-President (Undergraduate): April Boyko
VP Communications: Erich Andersen
VP Events: Brian Dupuis
VP Finance: Stephen Edge
VP Industry and Careers: Mitchel Flynn
VP Website Technology: Ken Dwyer
VP Youth Engagement: Jason Luk
VP Innovation Management: Mike Thomas
VP Alumni: Marta Korz
Liaison to EAS: Freja Mc Getrick
Liaison to AFNS: Koel Reed
Liaison to ECE: Ben Braccon
Avi: Facebook Coordinator
Kody Warriner



Co-President (Graduate): Ryan Saunders
Co-President (Undergraduate): Nathan Miller
VP Alumni and Relations: Sandy Fleming
VP Events: Mark Staples
VP Finance: Cameron Latos
VP Industry and Careers: Kody Warriner
VP Website: Ken Dwyer


Co-President: Michael Brougham
Co-President: Kyle Sand
VP Finance: Ryan Saunders

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