Call for Participants: Alberta Research Council Ingenuity Challenge

Jan. 9, 2009

Call for Participants - All Faculties Welcome!

Alberta Research Council Ingenuity Challenge (ARCing)

Topic Energy, Alternative Energy, Energy Efficiency, or Sustainability
Teams Four Students (2 from UofA and 2 from Red Deer College)

ARCing Introduction Information Sessions

Info Session 1: Friday Jan 9th @ 11:00-11:20 in MEC 4-1
Info Session 2: Friday Jan 9th @ 1:00-1:20 in MEC 3-1

Are you interested in energy innovations? Then the Alberta Research Council Ingenuity Challenge (ARCing) is a perfect way to get your ideas recognized while earning cash. This challenge is a GREAT opportunity to be at the forefront of energy innovation.

The Alberta Research Council wishes to challenge the ingenuity of science, business, engineering and humanities students. Students from the UofA and Red Deer College will collaborate in the ARCing Pilot Project and combine business and technical issues.

The winning team will be honored at a special dinner hosted by the ARC with senior members of government, industry, and media invited. Additionally, the winning team will be awarded a cash prize.

For more information on this tremendous opportunity, come out to one of the info sessions on Friday January 9th.

Please contact Ryan Saunders (ac.atreblau|1srr#ac.atreblau|1srr) or Nathan Miller (ac.atreblau|rellimn#ac.atreblau|rellimn) if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


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