Professors In Energy

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Amit Kumar : Biomass Energy Systems, Greenhouse Gas Mitigation, Energy Simulation and Modeling

Dr. Brian Fleck : Residential Wind Turbines

Dr. Walied Moussa : Battery Health Technology, Auto Energy Harvesting

Professor Mark Ackerman : Energy Efficient Buildings

Dr. Dave Checkel : Life Cycle Assessment, Alternative Fuels

Dr. Brian Fleck : Residential Wind Turbines, Bitumen Atomization

Dr. Subir Bhattacharjee : Complex Fluids & Colloids, Oil Sands & Coal Interfacial Laboratory

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Rick Chalaturnyk : Resource geomechanics on (1) fundamental properties of consolidated tailings and (2) constitutive Response of coalbeds to CO2 Sequestration.

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Chemical Engineering

Dr. Rajender Gupta : Clean Coal Technology, Biomass Combustion and Gasification, Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

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Electrical Engineering

Dr. Andy Knight : Energy Efficient Power Conversion

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