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When 17:00 March 17 - Deadline to submit intention of running
00:00 March 17th to 24:00 March 23rd - Campaigning
00:00 March 24- 24:00 March 27 - Online Voting
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Energy Club Elections are fast approaching. The following Candidates have stated their intent to run for the associated positions.
Online voting will take place from 00:00 March 24- 24:00 March 27

The Candidates will have the opportunity to make at 1-3 minute speech at the March 23rd Energy Club meeting in the Colt Design Lab.

Candidate Profiles

Co-President (Graduate) Candidate - Ryan Saunders

ryan.jpg Ryan is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Nanotechnology and Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS). His research focuses on microfluidics devices for lab-on-a-chip applications. Ryan received his BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta in 2005. Last year Ryan served as Co-President, and previously was the VP Finance for the Energy Club. Ryan's passion for energy really developed with the understanding that many local and global issues can be broken down by the availability and use of energy, or lack thereof. Ryan has interests in sustainable housing and communities, renewable energy technologies, the social and political aspects surrounding energy generation and consumption, and issues surrounding a growing global society attempting to address the environmental impacts of their energy generation and consumption. Previously, Ryan has written a paper exploring how nanotechnology-based breakthroughs are advancing select forms of renewable energy.


Co-President (Undergraduate) Candidate - Erich Andersen

erich.jpg Erich is in his third year of Electrical Engineering (Nano) undergrad studies, and had served as the Energy Club's VP Communications for the past year. He has a passion for most things involving mountains, and as such has a desire to do his part to protect them via a career in sustainable energies. As an electrical engineer, he is most likely to become professionally involved in the area of photovoltaics or fuel cells, but is also interested in biofuels, geothermal, and fusion technology, and believes that the true solution involves a combination of any number of generation technologies as well as significant conservation measures.


I'm presently finishing my third year in the electrical-nano engineering undergraduate program, graduating next April (hopefully). I am currently VP Communications for the Energy Club, and I am running for undergraduate Co-President next year. At the moment I am aiming for a career in photovoltaics, and am also interested in fuel cells, hydrogen energy storage, biofuels, geothermal, policy, social change, and the list goes on. One of the greatest perks I've found as part of the Energy Club is learning so much about many diverse topics, and yet always finding more topics that I know next to nothing about. As Co-President, I feel my greatest responsibility will be generally avoiding any moments of unpreparedness for the the club. Aside from this, I hope to continue building our reputation and branding on campus and in Edmonton, and maintain the awesome level of activity we've had this year with relevant events and resources for our membership.

VP Alumni Candidate - Marta Korz

marta.jpg Marta graduated from the University of Alberta in 2008 with a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering. She currently works as a Distribution Design Engineer for ATCO Gas and holds the Director of Public Relations position on the Capstone Awards Board of Directors. Marta has interests in renewable energy management and believes that adopting renewable energy technologies will not decrease the consequences of global energy scarcity until energy is used in a more efficient manner.


Marta graduated from the UofA in 2008 with a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering and currently works as a Design Engineer for ATCO Gas. She held the position of VP Alumni Relations in 2009/2010 and wants to continue to look for meaningful alumni-engaging opportunities in the upcoming year. Her energy interests lie in renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, and renewable energy management.

VP Events Candidate - Sabrina Westra

sabrina.jpg Sabrina is finishing her undergraduate degree in Mathematical Sciences with a minor in Agriculture and Environment, and she plans to return to her studies next year to pursue a Masters in Rural Economy. Her academic interests are largely focused on sustainable agriculture and economic development, both of which are areas where energy plays a significant role. The involvement in agriculture is recent, but some of her past job experiences include working as a lab assistant for GE Water Process & Technologies, in administration for the Calgary Catholic School Board, database design for a clinic in Grande Prairie, and like many undergraduate students, sales and hospitality. (Fun fact: She once worked for two weeks in a gangster rap clothing store.) In the energy club, she hopes to help continue organizing engaging events, and since energy is an issue that affects everyone, she would like to try to cater the events to as diverse of an audience as possible. Finally, she truly enjoys writing about herself in the third person, she does not find it awkward at all.


My name is Sabrina Westra and I'm finishing a degree in math, where i'm minoring in Agriculture and Environment, and I'm planning to start a Masters in Rural Economy next year. Sustainable agriculture and economic development are my two main interests academically and professionally, and since energy is such a huge part of both of those fields, I would like to become more involved or aware of energy issues/research/industry etc. Hence, why I would like to be part of the energy club. My main goals as VP Events would be to help increase membership or at least event attendance and diversity of the audience, as well I would also like to create more opportunities for students, industry and faculty to network and to share ideas.

VP Finance Candidate - Steve Edge

steve.jpg Steve is a third-year Commerce student with a major in Accounting and a minor in Finance, co-op program. Through his placements he has had the opportunity to work in both public practice and the oil and gas industry. He views energy costs, direct and indirect, as central in challenging the viability of existing business models and in determining long-term macroeconomic trends. Steve is excited to be part of a club that routinely explores innovative ways of thinking about energy and the broader implications of energy use.


VP Communications Candidate - Kausal Gopalkrishnan

kausal.JPG Kausal is in her first year of Engineering and is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta. Although she is not a rocket scientist yet when it comes to issues related to energy, she hopes that by sticking her leg in the Energy Club will get her to gain greater understanding on issues involving energy conservation, emerging technologies with minimal environmental impact and creative living with a less carbon footprint and communicating with colleagues and experts in the field. She also loves spending time outdoors, reading, and writing about science in her spare time.


VP Industry and Careers Candidate - Chris Lerohl

chris.jpg Chris Lerohl is currently pursuing his MSc. in Electrical Engineering at the University of Alberta in the field of power systems. His research is involved with energy management, energy auditing and power electronic applications for system optimization. He received his B.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, in 2009. Chris' other research interests include, smart grid technology, distributed generation, and electricity policy. His interest in energy has continually grown with his understanding of sustainability and the current problems we face. He wishes to learn more about government policy and business as he believes it is no longer technical barriers that are preventing our shift to a sustainable energy system.


VP Liaison Candidate - Koel Reed

koel.jpg Koel is in the first year of his MSc degree, studying biofuel production. His study involves two naturally occurring starch polymers in starch and how their presence impacts bioethanol yield via fermentation. Koel is also very interested in all renewable energy sources and any viable technology that improves energy efficiency. As one of the few non-engineers in the group Koel believes he brings a different outlook on the energy industry. His friendly personality makes him ideal for the VP Liaison position. However, there is a lot he can gain by challenging himself to learn more about the industry as a whole and how he can use his talents to make a difference.


Hi my name is Koel and I am running for the VP Liason position. I am in the first year of my MSc studying biofuels. My project is looking specifically at two polymers in starch and how they effect ethanol yield through fermentation. This past year I have been involved in the Energy Club as a liason to the faculty of Agriculture, Forestry, and Nutritional Sciences.
My interests in energy are wide ranging, but I am particularly interested in new technologies and how they complement each other. By utilizing the strengths of one technology it is possible to cover for the weaknesses of another. I want to learn as much as possible about every energy industry so that I have a future vision of where biofuels can be most successful.
My personal goals for the year are to provide others with the same education and resources that I found so useful. I also want to gain new skills by challenging myself in new areas. To continue learning about the energy industry and various related aspects.
My hopes for contributing are to put in a 100% effort. I want to continue the solid promotion and representation of the energy club. Lastly, I hope to contribute an alternative point of view to energy than the typical club member or executive as one of the few non-engineers.

VP Youth Engagement Co-Candidates - Meimanat and Sadegh Kazemi



My name is Sadegh Kazemi, and I am the candidate for the VP youth engagement. I am currently in the third year of my PH. D. program in Structural Engineering at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. I would like to promote energy efficiency in Alberta. I have also been working with the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) team since 2008 and would like to have some joint meeting at the CSCE dinner meetings which usually attracts lots of engineers, students and faculty members. As a VP youth engagement, I would like to go to different local community and high schools to talk about several aspect of Energy.

I am Meimanat Soleimanifar and I am currently pursuing my Ms.C program in Construction engineering and management. I have been involved in number of sustainability related projects including CO2 emissions of the construction vehicles and materials (comparative study on the modular and conventional buildings), material waste, regulations and etc. I have a great enthusiastism to have a green living and environment. For this, I firmly believe that this goal would not be possible without education and Public understanding from the early ages. So, I would like to work as a VP youth to help with this area.

VP Innovation Management Candidate - Rob Bauer

Rob.JPG Rob is completing his third year in the Civil Environmental Engineering degree program. As a former junior/senior high school mathematics teacher over a period of 10 years, Rob brings a significant amount of ‘people’ experience to the table. Coupled with this, he has worked as the General Manager of a business on Whyte Avenue, and hopes that this experience can play a positive role in currently proposed initiatives such as ‘Greening the Ave’. Rob is very interested in sustainable communities and believes that sustainable living will become ‘sexier’ to consumers with increased affordability, and to business with increased profitability.


I’m just completing my 3rd year of Environmental Engineering. Why am I running and why am I interested in energy? Besides feeling good about supporting a growing, and unifying movement that I strongly believe in (energy challenges are common globally), I feel that there is importance in recognizing the diversity of opportunities that will present themselves in the energy sector. I also believe that sustainable communities are a growing trend and that to exert effort in that direction here in Edmonton could create many opportunities for meaningful employment in our city – the ‘Greening the Avenue’ project currently being discussed is something that I hope to contribute to. I’m hoping to learn a lot from being elected VP –Innovation Management, and I’m hoping to contribute equally.

VP Information Technology Candidate - Bilal Hussain

Bilal.jpg I am Bilal Hussain and I am from Karachi, which is the largest city in Pakistan. I am currently doing my Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering with focus towards Power Systems which involves study in various methods and techniques of clean & renewable energy generation systems. I had done my undergraduate degree from NED University of Technology Karachi, which is the most prestigious engineering university in Pakistan.


About my interest in Energy, I have always been fascinated by various methods and techniques of capturing energy, whether it is from the sun, wind, water and so forth. My Prime interest in Energy field is due to the energy crisis my country Pakistan is facing in recent years. Today, Pakistan is experiencing major energy crisis which is affecting all the areas in my country. It has become a customary for a Pakistani citizen to live with electric failures as high as 14 hours per day.

By Joining Energy Club and becoming one of the executives, my aim is to gain in depth knowledge on various energy production systems and to highlight awareness of Energy crisis on global scale and how to mitigate it."


• Team Player with a passion for Team Building
• Passionate about technology (evangelize technology in everyday life in personal and official circles)
• Remain mostly excited and motivated (it is generally hard to find me non-excited and de-motivated)
• Well-versed with new-age Internet norms (blogs, podcasts, feeds, wikis)
• Uber-smart Internet & Windows user
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office MS-Word, MS-Power point, MS-Excel, MS-Visio, MS-Outlook


• Excellent written and spoken English and Urdu
• Enthusiastic and knowledgeable in Cricket. Participate with zeal and zest in table tennis, Badminton, Basket Ball, Swimming, Gymnasium and more
• Music and Movies audiophile, electronic gadgets, web surfing, travelling, explore different cultures, documentaries, reading and writing.

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