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Title Centre For Energy
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Whether it blows, flows, grows or glows, energy is the pulse of civilization. From hydro dams to nuclear power plants to oil sands to wind farms, Canada’s diverse energy system is a mosaic of sources working together to power the movement and growth of day-to-day life.

Energy is an important topic in Canada, where colder climates and sprawling communities require more energy for heating and transportation. As well, Canada is the largest, safest and most secure supplier of energy to the United States. In 2007, we transported $41.6 billion worth of crude oil and $31.4 billion worth of natural gas to our southern neighbours. A total of $3.1 billion worth of electricity also flowed to U.S. states from Canadian producers that year and an increasing portion of this electrical energy is coming from renewable sources such as wind, biomass and hydropower.

Canada is also positioning itself as a world leader in clean energy technology such as fuel cells and carbon capture and storage. As concern for the economy and environment grows, North Americans are starting to shift out of neutral and form their own opinions about these innovations and other energy related issues. The complexity of Canada’s energy system can be difficult to capture, yet more and more, the perspectives and habits of energy consumers within and beyond our borders are shaping energy policy and regulation.

So what does this all mean?

Demand for reliable, bias-balanced energy information is at an all-time high, and at the Centre for Energy, so is the supply. We believe an informed and educated public better understands and supports energy policy and regulatory choices, makes better business decisions related to energy, chooses careers in energy, invests in energy and uses energy wisely. Explore our site and learn more about Canadian energy – the sources, the issues, the innovations and the perspectives that shape and move our world.

Source: http://www.centreforenergy.com/AboutEnergy/


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