Edmontonians Supporting A Green Economy

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Title E-SAGE: Edmontonians Supporting a Green Economy
Format Website
URL http://www.e-sage.ca/


E-SAGE is an Edmonton-based network that encourages Edmonton area businesses and community members to become greener, to think local first, and to make informed socially-responsible choices in the ways that they earn and spend their money. We work to support them in contributing to the development of a vibrant local living economy, community and environment through networking events and workshops.

E-SAGE supports, connects and mentors a new breed of independent conscious entrepreneurs by:
• helping them to promote their products and services to like-minded people.
• encouraging and supporting them to adopt the triple bottom line of “local living economy” values - strong communities and meaningful employment, a healthy environment, and economic sustainability
• providing opportunities to work cooperatively with other like-minded businesses and organizations
• encouraging and supporting them to source supplies and inventory locally or using fair trade principles
• to understand and value the impact of how we define success in business
• helping them to operate their organizations using sustainable business ethics
• creating spaces where they can share and learn business resources and best practices from their peers

Through education we encourage community members to understand and value the impact of:

• buying based on “local living economy” values - strong communities, a healthy environment, meaningful employment
• shopping locally first
• how we consume energy
• how we use water
• how we grow and distribute our food
• how we build homes
• buying fair trade goods

Source: http://www.e-sage.ca/mission.php


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