Laser Fusion: Star Power for Sustainable Energy

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The primary way in which energy is generated throughout the universe is through the intense reactions occurring inside stars. At the extreme temperatures and pressures of the sun, hydrogen nuclei combine to form helium and other light elements, releasing a tremendous amount of energy that has been essential to life on Earth. It seems fitting to try and recreate this process on earth to meet the world’s increasing energy demands. Fusion research has advanced dramatically over the past decade and we are now at the cusp of a great leap forward in energy technology. Fusion power would provide tremendous amounts of energy with no greenhouse gas emission and no stockpile of radioactive waste products.

There are a handful of large-scale national and international projects pursuing proof of concept demonstrations of fusion using laser drivers within the next several years. The recently- opened National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the USA will strive to demonstrate ignition and large-scale fusion energy generation in the 2010 to 2011 period. In Europe there is a large collaboration on the HiPER project which is the first stage proof of concept facility toward the development of a working, energy-producing reactor in the 20 year time period. Advances in plasma physics, laser technology and computer simulation have given great confidence in the success of this energy source.

Canada is currently the only developed country in the world that does not have an official investment in fusion research. Based on Canada’s current abundance in energy and the riches derived from it, there is an opportunity for the Canadian government to initiate world-class fusion energy research. Our energy wealth implies a greater duty and responsibility to lead the world in the development of a future clean energy source. At the same time many new industries that will be necessary for fusion reactors as well as other emerging high power laser applications can spearhead a new green economy.

The presentation describes the basic processes and requirements of fusion, focusing on laser fusion, the recent advances that will make it possible, and a proposal that has been put forward for Canada to become a leader in this advanced energy technology.

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