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Crude Impact [rating 0] (0 comments) video

Energy Crossroads [rating 1] (0 comments) video

Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room [rating 0] (0 comments) video

Garbage Warrior [rating 0] (0 comments) video

Home [rating 0] (0 comments) video

Manufactured Landscapes [rating 0] (0 comments) video

The 11th Hour [rating 0] (0 comments) video

The End of Suburbia [rating 2] (1 comments) peak-oil video

The Great Squeeze: Surviving the Human Project [rating 0] (0 comments) video

The Power Of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil [rating 0] (0 comments) peak-oil video

Who Killed The Electric Car? [rating 1] (0 comments) video

Worlds Greenest Homes [rating 1] (0 comments) architecture green home video website

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