Trade & Investment in Energy & Environment Conference - Canada, China and USA


Few policy issues at this time attract more interest than the conjunction of energy and the
environment. To further understanding of this bundle of issues, the University of Alberta’s
China Institute, Alberta Institute for American Studies and the School of Energy and the
Environment will be hosting a trilateral conference on: Trade and Investment in Energy
and Environment: Canada-China-US. The conference will be held in Edmonton on April 20-
21, 2010 at the Hotel Macdonald, and will be opened by the President of the University of
Alberta, Indira Samarasekera.

This major conference will bring together senior industry leaders, policy makers and
academic experts to examine the complex interaction of commercial, environmental and
policy issues linking Canada, China and the United States.

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Student Sponsorship

The School of Energy and the Environment (SEE) invites applications from University of Alberta student groups for full support of the registration fee held for the Trade and Investment in Energy and Environment Conference, April 2010.

Support will be limited to a maximum of $300.00 for this event.

Applications will be evaluated and must be received by SEE at the end of business day Friday, March 26, 2010.

Requests are to be addressed to the Director of SEE and submitted to Nicole Kosturic at ac.atreblau|irutsokn#ac.atreblau|irutsokn.

Panel Discussion Topics:

Geopolitics of Energy & Environment

Energy is a key and potentially volatile component of the 21st century civilization, including its economic, political and security
dimensions. Energy and environmental issues are inseparably intertwined, and these related policy challenges will amongst
the most important, most diffi cult and most controversial public policy challenges for Canada, China and the United States.
Panelists will examine various strands of these issues, and identify possible future scenarios involving these key elements of
global politics and economics.

Trade in Energy

The global trade in energy is essential to understanding the dynamics and interconnections of the economies of Canada,
China and the United States, although the role of this trade is markedly different in each case. The panelists will examine
how the international trade in energy is conducted in each of the three countries, its evolution, and its future prospects.
Investment in Canadian Energy
Investment in Canada’s energy resources will be examined by experts, both from industry and academia, who are familiar
with the changing patterns of capital fl ows in the Canadian energy sector. The role of foreign investment will be discussed,
including the early signs of increased interest from Chinese oil corporations. Possible future patterns of investment, of
particular import to the Province of Alberta, will be outlined.

Effect of Environmental Challenges on Energy Markets

Energy and environmental issues are inextricably linked, and have emerged as one of the global public policy challenges
that have attracted the greatest attention in the past decade. The governmental, media and public attention devoted to
the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference indicates that the suite of energy/environmental concerns will continue to be
a focus of attention for the international community, and its leaders. Panelists will examine how the energy industry and
government can address these questions in the distinctive circumstances of Canada, China and the United States.

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